MAF Norge gebruikt CiviCRM met geïntegreerde SMS voor Nepal

dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Een mooi bericht van onze MAF vrienden uit Noorwegen die bezig zijn om fondsen te werven voor helicopters in Nepal:


"SMS campaign using CiviCRM is a great sucess!

CiviCRM processed approx. €15 000 in 2 hours time, in sms donations to enable helicopter support in Nepal for MAF Norway. On Thursday and Friday last week we sent out 2500 sms each day in between 19.00 and 21.30. That is approx. 1000sms/hour. At the same time, people responded by sending a sms to give a donation. An sms-autoreply then immediately sends a thank-you, and actually charging the money.

When MAF Norway started using CiviCRM, one of the persons we immediately fell in love with, was Bruce-in-the-box. This man could reduce backoffice working to only a minimum, leaving staff only to take care of the new ones...

Thanks to development done by CiviCoop, Bruce-in-the-box also handles our sms. We now have received approx. €30 000 by sms, and our back office staff is not reporting sick...!

Steinar Södal"