Welcome to the CiviCRM Webinar on 14th February 2022 – 15.00 CET

Below the different rooms where sessions will be held.

The plenary room is where we’ll start. Someone will be there throughout the webinar.


Session Descriptions

Session 1 – Welcome

Welcome and introductions to sessions

Session 2 – Introduction to CiviCRM

In this session Betty Dolfing will explain what CiviCRM is, how the community works and will then demonstrate the main features of CiviCRM: contact management and contact segmentation, Event management, the use of templates and Bulk Malings, Memberships, and reporting.

Session 3 – Integration CiviCRM with MS Outlook 365

During this session Jaap Jansma / Erik Brouwer will show and discuss functionality as well as pro’s and cons of integrating CiviCRM contact data with your Outlook 365 install

Session 4 – Using ACL Roles to control access to sensitive data

Martin Stevens of Countrytrust.org.uk will discuss data items that are recorded for a wide variety of contacts, but that you may wish to control access to for your CiviCRM users. This session will demonstrate how Countryturst.co.uk uses ACL roles and Groups to achieve this.

Session 5 – Organisatin Work with the Data Processor

Klaas Eikelboom will show and discuss how organisations can organise work using the Dataprocessor extension.

Session 6 – Webinar closingorg