Welcome to the CiviCRM Webinar on 6th September 2021 – 15.00 CET

Below the different rooms where sessions will be held.

The plenary room is where we’ll start. Someone will be there throughout the webinar.


Session Descriptions

Session 1 – Welcome

Welcome and introductions to sessions

Session 2 – Introduction to CiviCRM

In this session Betty Dolfing will explain what CiviCRM is, how the community works and will then demonstrate the main features of CiviCRM: contact management and contact segmentation, Event management, the use of templates and Bulk Malings, Memberships, and reporting.

Session 3 – Useful Extensions

An overview of a few extensions that I think would be useful for lots of organizations: Former Communication Data saves “old” emails, phone numbers and addresses, the Email Corrector automatically fixes spelling errors in email addresses, the Contact Identifier extension allows you to use more ways to identify a contact and the Extended Contact Matcher is useful when you get data from your website and want to find the correct contact or create a new one.

Session 4 – Portal on Drupal 9 with Webforms and separate CiviCRM install

Klaas Eikelboom will talk about a Drupal 9 portal with webforms that are hosted on a separate site from the CiviCRM install: what is a portal, how to configure and use it, api calls and other related stuff.

Session 5 – Webinar closing