Zorg om Boer en Tuinder is an independent volunteer organization with over 40 volunteers throughout the Netherlands who offer a listening ear to farmers and horticulturists.


Zorg om Boer en Tuinder

Stichting Zorg om Boer en Tuinder (ZOB) is a nationwide volunteer organisation that assists people in the agricultural world in finding solutions to problems in situations of all kinds. There is a great need for administrative support for the volunteers and the organisation and a uniform record of the activities of the volunteers in which privacy at various levels is of great importance. CiviCRM has offered solutions in this respect.

Together with Betty Dolfing of CiviCooP we started the project by writing user stories, describing wishes and situations that are present within our organization. Based on these user stories a test environment was created in which we experimented and eventually translated the experiences to the live environment.

CiviCRM is now fully active in the declaration process of our organization. We also have a central overview of all volunteers and the cases they handle. The roll out of the reporting module is in full swing and we are now thinking about the sequel: expansion of the reporting possibilities and further use CiviCRM in internal and external communication.

CiviCooP is an essential factor in guiding the implementation. At an appropriate distance, we are given the opportunity to do what we can do ourselves and to be there when we come up against our limits of knowledge and skills. The choice to what extent you want support is very pleasant for our organization. Without the guidance and support of CiviCooP we would not have been able to implement this project.