The Wikimedia Netherlands Association supports volunteers and organisations that collect and distribute free knowledge in the Netherlands, for example through the Wikipedia internet encyclopaedia. Vision of Wikimedia Netherlands – and of the worldwide Wikimedia movement: imagine a world in which everyone can freely make use of all human knowledge.

Wikimedia Nederland

We also wanted to automate the processes of member administration, event management, donor administration and business relations, as well as simplify the transfer of knowledge regarding relations. And we also wanted a link between the forms on and the CRM system.

In collaboration with CiviCooP, the various processes and wishes of Wikimedia Nederland were examined. The available information from the member administration was then imported by CiviCooP. Wikimedia Nederland has chosen to use the moment of setting up this database as the starting point for recording data. This meant that there was no need to import a large history of data. After import, the old administrations turned a shadow for a few more months in order to discover teething troubles in time. As of 1 January 2014, CiviCRM has been put into use. The link between the website and CiviCRM was realized later that year.

Processes run faster and data is complete. Event registration is less time consuming because it is automated. Thanks to CiviCRM, Wikimedia Nederland has quick insight into the status of memberships and donations. The registration of business relations is still planned for autumn 2015. What we are still missing is the possibility to have Ideal process payments automatically. This would be an important addition for Wikimedia Netherlands, but also for other Dutch organisations.


Prior to implementation, CiviCooP played an important role in mapping processes and advised on the desirability of recording data.

After the implementation, CiviCooP has provided important updates and support with its Helpdesk in case of questions from Wikimedia.

CiviCooP has ensured a smooth implementation of CiviCRM at Wikimedia Nederland and has provided quick solutions to issues since the implementation.