HCFI is an international Christian organisation that organises meetings, conferences and training courses for its members and interested parties. People can also donate or become a member of the organisation. Due to a changed structure and many ambitions for the future, the need for a clear website and a good CRM package was essential to support and accelerate that process.


HCF International

HCFI would like to have the following things arranged:
* Register and manage contacts;
* Take care of mailings;
* Register financial data and online payments
* Manage donors and organize fundraising
* Organize training courses and events, register participants
* Handle paid training courses and events
* Organize authorization Drupal and CiviCRM users
* Multilingualism for use of CiviCRM and website.

We opted for the step-by-step approach in which we first set up the website in English, with CiviCRM linked to it.

The goal of the 1st phase was to put all the contacts we had in different places in CiviCRM, so that we could send mailings pretty quickly. Because we also had a test environment in addition to the live website, we first put everything in the test environment and saw if it actually did what it had to do. When all that was done, both the website and CiviCRM were put live and we were able to send our first international newsletters from CiviCRM.

In the 2nd phase, which immediately followed, we set up the financial part so that from now on donors can donate via the website online via iDEAL or PayPal. In addition, the website has been made multilingual, so that it is now not only available in English but also in Spanish. The other 6 languages will follow in time.

In the 3rd phase we will implement the events and (paid) training.

All data is now in one place and each contact is only in it once. Volunteers from HCFI world wide can all access one and the same database. The mailings now reach many more people and we have a good overview of the response to our mailings via the mailing report. Through the website people can donate and pay with iDEAL and PayPal.

The challenge now is to transform our organization, which consists of all volunteers, so that multiple volunteers can use CiviCRM. We are also working on expanding our promotional activities to get more traffic to our website, and hopefully more donations as a result. Because this needs to be arranged first, we have postponed the implementation of step 3 (Events and registration for training) until later.


CiviCooP has played an important role in the creation of the website and CiviCRM by listening carefully to our wishes and advising on the approach. Because we are only a small organization, we quickly moved on to Step 1: the installation and setup of CiviCRM. Because of their experience with CiviCRM and the installation of CiviCRM they helped us with this quickly and well.

After the implementation CiviCooP takes care of important updates and supports with her Helpdesk with any questions from HCFI.

CiviCooP has ensured a quick introduction of CiviCRM and a multilingual site at HCFI International. In addition, we have approximately 1 x per quarter contact for (un)requested advice on the use of CiviCRM. It is nice to know that there are people watching and thinking along with us.