Caldera Forms Collaboration initiative

Caldera Forms & add-ons will be sunset/retired on 31 Dec 2021 by the company behind caldera forms.

The caldera forms is licensed under a GNU General Public License version 2. This means we are able to share our bugfixes and improvements with each other even after the plugin is retired.

We are looking for people or organizations who want to collaborate with us. Either in time or in funding.
We are also looking for people/organizations who use caldera forms and want to use it longer than 31 Dec 2021 and need help.

So are you interested in keeping caldera forms running after the end of life? Or are you interested to contribute towards that goal? Please, leave your name and e-mail address and we will keep you informed on the developments of this collaborative initiave.

Why are we doing this?
At the moment we have a couple of clients who use the existing caldera forms plugin and the civicrm form processor integration. For most of those clients it is not easy to switch to another form builder plugin.

We are not aware of any alternative plugins who have the same functionality. And yes we could ask our clients to pay for another round of development to integrate another form builder plugin with CiviCRM form processor. However that does not feel right to do as those clients already have contributed towards the current development.